About Us

Word Fountain promotes and encourages creative writing.

Word Fountain is the brainchild of two writers, Janet Cameron and Paul Curd, who wanted to use their practical experience as published authors to help aspiring writers develop and hone their own skills.
Holding Word Fountain ‘writing retreat’-type courses in the beautiful Kent countryside was the idea of Kathy Maclean, who rather conveniently has the perfect venue in her 17th Century farmhouse in the beautiful Kent countryside!

Kathy is a farmer’s wife whose love of writing developed years ago when, newly married.  She struggled to come to terms with being so far away from her family in New Zealand.  Her letters became longer as she practised characterisation and description so the folks back home could share in what she was seeing and how she was feeling.


In between child-rearing and haymaking Kathy enrolled on her first writing course and became hooked.  She was on her way.  She’s now had some of her stories and poems published.


‘It’s so exciting, this writing business!’ says Kathy.








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